Saturday morning

Saturday morningOriginally uploaded by beuk Saturday morning playing Lego on Daddy’s bed. What could be better?

Playmobil Security Check Point

My friend Amy sent me this a few weeks back. If you have not seen it over on Amazon you need to check it out. I was mostly shocked that they charge $55 for this and that they even make it at all! But as Amy pointed out to me, the comments are what make […]

Kicking and Screaming

So, today we had tons of errands. One of those of course was to head to Toys R US to see the new Star Wars Lego. (I can hear my friend Jack sighing now.) Don’t worry I won’t bore you about that. The important part here is the Lego table in the Lego section. G […]

Fun and Pointless

Crawling around the internet today I stumbled upon Not sure what the point is, but it is quite fun. Basically you upload/paste a bunch of text (or link to and it breaks out what the most used words are and presents them graphically. Maybe I should use this for my MBA notes and […]

The Great Nashvillian Wars

If you are a regular reader of you will have noticed that the site has been down for the past couple of weeks. More than likely you have not noticed since you were eating the Christmas goose, but, we are back now!   During the holidays, there were great wars fought on the plains […]