Kicking and Screaming

So, today we had tons of errands. One of those of course was to head to Toys R US to see the new Star Wars Lego. (I can hear my friend Jack sighing now.) Don’t worry I won’t bore you about that. The important part here is the Lego table in the Lego section. G loves it! She played with all the kids and loved digging through the bowl of Legos. So, much so that I was caught thinking, “How can I build this for her?” She as very good at sharing handing piece after piece to her new friend who was building away. While I enjoyed her being occupied so I was free to view the latest products, after 10 minutes it got old and I was ready to go. She was most definitely not. I had to rip pieces out of her hand and drag her away. Barbies be damned, she would not be distracted. Even on the other side of the store after multiple spins she was still trying to walk back over there.

Lego? Where can I buy your kids table?


  1. Now, what you do in the privacy of your home is your business…but all i’m saying is don’t go around showing/telling the world that you’re such a geek..Star Wars etc is meant for single consumption.

    Its embarassing… to you, RC, Gioia and even Frankie.

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