Not all those who wander are lost

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The worst part was leaving

G is writing a series of “Journal Prompts” for school.  They are grate insight into how her little mind works and what she is interested in.  One of my favorite is her description of our trip to Cancun:

I went to Cancun once for summer break with my mom, dad, and my brother.  We took a gator ride.  A gator is a bus that goes on land and water.  I also liked the pool.  We stayed in a hotel named the Westin.  It had four pools.  I also went to a party with a piñata.  The worst part was leaving.



Then there were 5!

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When the waitress asks you how many are in the party, you need to say “five” otherwise, you get 3 chairs and a high chair, or 4 chairs with no space. I just assumed we were counting eating mouths. Anyway, we figured out basic math and everybody was happy.

Welcome to baby’s first outing.

Welcome Lula!

Welcome to B3andMe!  On September 3rd, we successfully joined the ranks of the families with three or more children.  Delivery was fantastic, and now we move (like it or not) to Zone instead of Man2Man defense.  Stay tuned for more updates on raising three kids!