In an effort to maintain normalcy, we are sticking to our routine times. On Wednesdays we have two ballet classes and one speed skating class. Right now, I have all three kiddos cranking out their classes via at home workouts AT THE SAME TIME! I don’t know what the requirements are for Dad of the […]

Home Schooling

Bzzztttt…. Pop…..eeeek…. testing, testing is this thing on??? No time like Friday the 13th and a global pandemic to dust off this blog and get back to the “interwebs”. The family is alive and well and living north of the border in Canada and on this auspicious day we are coming to grips with the […]

Marine Challenge

I don’t know if it is Post-911 blues or what, but like missing out learning a second language since birth, I also would have liked to have been in the military. That said, If you can’t join ’em, beat ’em (or at least try). I have successfully gotten to September with my New Year’s resolution […]

This lady is at my gym!

Not that this is supposed to be a YouTube day, but I have been looking for this video for awhile. This is the crazy lil lady AT MY GYM that goes NUTS on the treadmill every day. She is jumping, skipping, dancing, everything all over the mill. Now I am of two minds about this: […]

Cold doesn’t give you a cold.

Dear People of Taiwan,Please learn a lesson that everyone else on the planet (well, in the cold places anyway) seemed to have learned in the 5th grade. ~Being outside in the cold does not give you a cold!~ The picture above was taken in Taipei and is from this article. Based on what I see […]

Julia Roberts in the Post Office

So, my wife tells me I cannot share the video with you because it shows someone’s address, but I can still share the story. As I walk around this world I am continually surprised by the Matrix phenomenon. That is that everything is happening for a reason and when one thing occurs it is because […]