Ohh Comcast

Ohh Comcast, how you drive me crazy, let me count the ways. Approximately 8 months ago I called Comcast to upgrade my service. My BIL has given me a lot of grief about not having “actual cable”, and as such I requested to upgrade my basic television service to HD. However, that day the *service […]

Sexually Repressed in Taiwan!

WHAT! I just saw a little bit of “When Harry Met Sally” on TV today. (Yes, 1989 films are about as modern as Taiwan television gets here.) Regardless, THE SCENE WAS ALMOST 100% CUT! It went from “Are you ok”, Harry crosses arms, then “I’ll have what she’s having.” SHOCK! No uncomfortable glances over the […]

U.S. Commercials

—Now this is a commercial. Simple, elegant, effective and ending with a great url! This is not. TV commercials in the U.S. have not improved in my absence. In fact, it seems if you make a drug for obscure medical cases then you have to be advertising on television. When did this become okay? I […]


Dad, Dad! You have got to get on this plane! Maybe you can fly from Nashville to Murfreesboro? Flying tomorrow? JetBlue will buy you a beer JetBlue will spring for one free beer if you’re flying on Thanksgiving Day. In a promotion the carrier is dubbing as a “Thanksgiving Football Party,” JetBlue says “customers traveling […]