Happy Halloween 2016 – Pirates!

How on earth did I forget to post this? This year we were all pirates. Except for Gioia who was the pirate ship and Lu who was the pirate. I love a good Halloween theme. Ps. Lu and I won the costume contest at work by a land slide.

Chicago Q Smoked Pork recipe

Chicago Q Smoked Pork recipe I’ll BBQ according to a woman no problem.  Especially if it gives me a chance to make the BBQ taste like the restaurants!  Gotta give this one a try.


Taken at Adams-Sangamon Park

Slide Monkey

So, of course the day we wear a t-shirt and not a dress, daddy decides to film everything. She truly is the best dressed kid, but today she is just in playground mode. This is what happens when Daddy can barely walk.

Qube slide in Macau

Qube is an entertainment area for your kids while you hit the gambling floor. They have slides, computers, foosball, and over hyped kids. Please note the blue vertical drop slide on the left. There is even a taller one not pictured! Note a 2 year old is too small to even do the three bump […]

Hot slide

Hot slide Originally uploaded by beuk Summer sun + metal slide = lawsuit waiting to happen. Wait, we are I’mTaiwan so this must be normal. Who builds these things and thinks theyare a good idea?