Ohh Comcast

Ohh Comcast, how you drive me crazy, let me count the ways. Approximately 8 months ago I called Comcast to upgrade my service. My BIL has given me a lot of grief about not having “actual cable”, and as such I requested to upgrade my basic television service to HD. However, that day the *service […]

Fat Bike Season is a comin’

I have seen better versions of this comparison, but here is a good one.  We need enough snow for this to be fun, but here’s hoping:

My Ride to Work

Ride to work from Chris B. on Vimeo. Having a good time playing with my GoPro and more importantly the editor.  It is pretty simple to take some footage and apply it to a template. Actually, makes my ride to work look cool!  Thank goodness there wasn’t an accident this time.

A simple ride.

        This was actually three photos taken on my PHONE and then stitched together. B is riding in the back of our car with our driver. Yes, life is tough.