Please fasten your seatbelts…

To say there was some turbulence today as we started our journey towards Gioia would be an understatement. As B likes to say, “We were off like a herd of turtles.” The GoodI arrived in Chong QingThe baby stuff (crib, seat, etc.. ) is all fineThe hotel is great and a great room for usI […]

Need a push?

The question to ask yourself is how I got this shot?

The One True Crappy China

Today there were two stories in the local magazine that I thought I would share: It seems scientists have discovered a new use for panda poop. Paper! They have come up with a way to take panda poop and make it into paper. This is of course to combat Thailand’s methods of taking elephant poop […]

Make bikes, not cars.

The taxi driver this morning in Denmark said something very interesting: “Ten years ago Danes drove cars and the Chinese rode bikes. Now the Chinese drive cars and the Danes ride bikes.” That is certainly true as the streets here are about 40% occupied by bikers of all sizes. This morning I saw a virtual […]

What’s the difference between this guy and the Shanghai Subway?

Answer: NOTHING! (Editor Note: So, I delayed this post by week so as to not push my wife’s posting of our adoption WHICH I AM VERY EXCITED ABOUT too far down the page. To those coming here from her link on another site I am sorry. China is great, this was just one of those […]

A week in ShenZhen

Many of you are wondering what is life is like in China for B and me. Believe it or not, it is a little bit of business as usual. B’s office is close to the house, and she works hard. Frankie is fine if not a little stir crazy from having limited places to run. […]