CrockPot Fried Rice

CrockPot Fried Rice We are so trying this for dinner tomorrow night.  Considering I have to cook the quinoa and the pork in my fridge, I know it can’t be this easy, but we’ll see!  Maybe the in-laws will like it.

Chicago Q Smoked Pork recipe

Chicago Q Smoked Pork recipe I’ll BBQ according to a woman no problem.  Especially if it gives me a chance to make the BBQ taste like the restaurants!  Gotta give this one a try.

The Sauce is the Boss

The verdict is in and the result is: Yuck. For as good as we thought Pork and Apples would be it just did not work.  I even tried some of the life saving tips that were mentioned in the comments: DON’T cook for 7-9 hours, I did 6. ADD brown sugar at each layer, done. It still did not […]