Four days in Four degree, Frigid, French Montreal

  My honey and I just spent the past four frigid days in Montreal.  I say, frigid because it was basically 4F (-15C) the whole weekend and we were walking 1.5 miles (2.4KM) up an down the hill to Old Montreal.  We had an enjoyable time looking for places to eat, shop, see.  This included […]


Haiku?? Very interesting considering where I am headed Feb 1: Bank A safe place Things are kept here Bankers work here Vault

Frankie and the Bum

Frankie and I went out to pee.The night was dark and we could hardly see. He sniffed around for just the right place.Such a cutesy dog with a silly face. When he was done and ready to gohe saw something stir in the shadows below. His hair grew stiff and his growl was like a […]

How the west was made

When the sun is in the west, the bird returns to nest. Xi(1) – Pronounced “sheeee“. This is a very simple Chinese character. However I thought the story was kind of cool: The character is derived from a bird standing in its nest. It is said that when the sun sets in the west, the […]

I went to ShanXi and lost my wife

I went to ShanXi and lost my wife.It was so sad, for she was little trouble in life. We walked into the hills aloneand came upon some dead man’s bones. For into the dragon’s lair we wereand to our surprise, he began to stir. We ran and ran and did not look backfor fear that […]

And 55 minutes later I am in Sweden.

“It’s sweet to be in the rain and sleet as my two lil feet walk down the street IN SWEDEN!” It could not have been easier. Around noon I headed out from my hotel to the S-train, took it down to the center station, transferred to the train to the airport and to Sweden and […]