Not all those who wander are lost

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#5 K-Cups

Did you know that K-Cups and Keurig coffee machines (as I saw advertised on TV and available in my hotel room) are owned by Tata who I was reading about in the NY Times WHEN THE COMMERCIAL WAS PLAYING! TTC: Instant!

Asia. Not so weird?

We have been here too long. These things are just not that weird to us anymore: Taiwan.The other day I saw a family of 5 on a scooter. B was shocked. I was like, “What’s the big deal.” In the U.S. you would never see that (not because of laws, because an American family of …

YAY! NY Times page updated!

I finally got my site situated on a CSS and put some standards in place, so I am going back and updating all the pages (yes, like all 2 of them) to make sure they match.  I have done this for the blog site.  I have attempted to do this for the now listening site, …

As Seen in the New York Times

That’s right! We were written up in the NY Times. We were out and about the city one day when a reporter called Rebecca and asked if they could come shoot our house and interview us as to why we chose to live in the city. The article was a justification of Mayor Daley’s drive …