It is funny when you name your kid something and then you start seeing that name everywhere. We started with a Biblical reference which was also tied to one of our favorite shows. Now I can’t stop seeing the name, and it is funny, but I like all these things!


USC, you could only score 1 TD in the 4th? Come on. :) B has asked if it is too late to change alma matters.

Thank you God for teaching me how to line up!!

Three years in Asia and I have reached a breakthrough! I have finally discovered why people can not leave an airplane in an orderly manner. The Problem:The plane has just landed. The seat belt sign goes *ding* and everyone that paid extra for their aisle seat (sic) **POPS** up out of their seat and instantly […]

What language does Australia speak?

WARNING: This post gets a lil crass, so don’t show it to the kiddies. (That means you G, look away). Studying Mandarin in multiple cities has given me an insight into how language shifts from location to location. People may believe they are speaking the same language, but the words are not the same. So, […]

Kicking and Screaming

So, today we had tons of errands. One of those of course was to head to Toys R US to see the new Star Wars Lego. (I can hear my friend Jack sighing now.) Don’t worry I won’t bore you about that. The important part here is the Lego table in the Lego section. G […]