Not all those who wander are lost

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Let them hear tap!

Considering they have never had them before and therefore probably don’t have any dancers that can tap I’m not sure this is a luxury. We almost should let them bring in the noise. On second thought, they probably just want to melt the metal down.

Interesting definition

Looked up the definition of “Dol” today. Just thought it a little strange: 1. a unit of pain intensity2. (Korean): shout to cut off discriminative thinking3. The administrative agency of the federal government that enforces and administers laws and regulations affecting employees at work. Do you think they planned that?

YouTube YouCrazy!

So,YouTube has a few strange policies that are affecting me a bit. If you haven’t seen my famous Tiger video you need to check it out. Now, for the record, all I did was take the video. I have NOTHING to do with the comment section which is out of hand underneath. There is everything …

Memories from Korea

I am reviewing my notes for my trip to Korea and I came across this from one of my lectures: “Korea invented the pluviometer“ Didn’t America invent this, and didn’t we call it a bucket? ;)

LA Mafia?

I don’t know enough about the L.A. crime scene besides what I can assume happens behind closed doors at the Chinese Theater and what I saw in L.A. Confidential, but “me thinks I smell a rat.” The first story that caught my attention was of the Korean couple trapped in the snow for nine days. …