Not all those who wander are lost

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Frosty Returns

Here is an excellent example of one of the creative stories.  After reading this, I am not sure how I ever passed an English class.  I also have some theories on what this type of writing would do to my teacher’s brain over time.  God bless her.  #Enjoy: — Like the last words in the …

Who made it better?

Can you guess which one we made?  While I love the ideas we find online, our execution leaves something to be desired. Too be fair, I did leave this task entirely in the hands of the 7 year old and it tasted just fine.  What this world really needs is a blog that is made …

Lula Cafe

So, it started this weekend when we had the baptism. I heard a lil boy call for his sister while crossing the road. I asked her what her name was and lo and behold it was “Lula.” I confirmed with the parents down the street (whose first instinct was their kids were in trouble) and …

Welcome Lula!

Welcome to B3andMe!  On September 3rd, we successfully joined the ranks of the families with three or more children.  Delivery was fantastic, and now we move (like it or not) to Zone instead of Man2Man defense.  Stay tuned for more updates on raising three kids!