Johnnie Walker thinks I am middle class, so it must be so!

I got an email from Johnnie Walker today.  A few things that struck me as odd: 1. Mr. Johnnie Walker why are you emailing me? I am sure I opted in to some list somewhere, sometime, but we are not regular pals and you don’t write. I am not sure Mr. Glen Fiddich would be […]

Wine Stain Smiley

Wine Stain Smiley Originally uploaded by beuk This was the wine stain when we spilled some at dinner. We were a hurricane to the small restaurant in Taipei. Five foreigners, screaming baby, banging plates and breaking glasses. I don’t think we can show our face again.

Miss G is starting to walk

I guess we would have to conclude that this is walking. People ask us every day if she is walking yet and we always answer, “No.” We seem to have much higher standards for her ability to walk. Besides pulling yourself up and starting on your own, the biggest requirement for us is not falling […]

Hawai’i – That’ll be extra

Welcome to Hawai’i.Where pronouncing the ‘i means you will have to pay a lil extra. We have been faced with expensive drinks with no alcohol on many an occasion. When that happens in China, we usually switch to wine where you can’t take the alcohol out, right? Well maybe not, but they can take the […]

BeukTv is back, but still no G – In the mean time…

Hello all and welcome back! You may have noticed that was down for bit. This is because after Startlogic (our hosting provider) decided to change our server with out telling us and then proceeding to take us offline for basically the month of December, we got a lil upset and have left them more […]

Stopped by the police today – TWICE!

Now I know what you are thinking: Chris is back behind the wheel after a two year hiatus and therefore he must be driving very fast, again. Well, that is not the case :P In fact I am the slow one on the interstate. Just ask my sister, who can not believe how slow I […]