Hot Chocolate

G & Miss Jennifer taking a break after a hard day of skiing over a cup of hot chocolate.

Pay-per-Loo Ryanair is now going to charge customers to use the toilet on the plane.  They will take out two toilets and add 6 seats.  That got me thinking: A standard Boeing 737 which Ryan operates each has a capacity of 190 passengers.Add 6 for the new toilets and we get, 196.If each person carries […]

Last meal at Four Seasons

Setting sun, waiting for the taxi, last drink before the short flight back to Taiwan. We ate, shopped, gambled, and saw Cirque. All in all a good weekend.

Run then Milkshake

Run then Milkshake Originally uploaded by beuk What else do you drink after a long run, but a nice cool milkshake?