Bark in the Park 2009

We survived the Bark in the Park this weekend without losing the kiddo and without the dogs eating any of the smaller dogs. We also dodged the rain. Add all that to a garden planted, Mother’s Day, and home improvement help from my dad and it was a big weekend.


On a plus note, when both the dogs have the runs there’s nothing to pick up!

How to dress like an American

photo.jpg Originally uploaded by beuk I was going to title this, “How to dress like a Westerner,” but then I realized I am not up to date on the fashion trends of the Europeans (give me ’til tomorrow :) When out on the town we constantly get people noticing BabyG. Now, I know she is […]

Losing it in the Denver Airport

Just to prove that multiple degrees do not make you smart, the day after I graduated in Los Angeles, we missed out flight in LAX. I don’t know who thought we could show up for a 6:30am flight at 5:30am at LAX during Christmas rush. It must have been Rebecca… :) Just kidding. She actually […]

U.S. Commercials

—Now this is a commercial. Simple, elegant, effective and ending with a great url! This is not. TV commercials in the U.S. have not improved in my absence. In fact, it seems if you make a drug for obscure medical cases then you have to be advertising on television. When did this become okay? I […]