Not all those who wander are lost

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Gratitude or Not My Week?

This has not been my week. It started on Sunday when I thought I was in the clear, but ended up in a fight over dog poop with the missus. With my self-esteem in the toilet I had to* play soccer on Tuesday night only to cost the team the win for a 2-2 tie …

Daddy’s dressing the kid these days

This is what happens when Daddy takes over the house. After taking the dogs out and feeding them, feeding kiddo, and feeding mommy in bed upstairs I’m racing against the clock to get a squirmy 4 year old warm enough to face 31 degrees outside. Just happy we’re not wearing open toed shoes. Off to …

Bark in the Park 2009

We survived the Bark in the Park this weekend without losing the kiddo and without the dogs eating any of the smaller dogs. We also dodged the rain. Add all that to a garden planted, Mother’s Day, and home improvement help from my dad and it was a big weekend.