Just like Starbucks

2 years later after getting it unpacked, finding all the pieces, and running the decalcifier we have resurrected the coffee machine (yay!). Now one evening of remembering how to make lattes and B is ready to take her coffee to work. Order up!

MiCasa is CrapOla

Ok, ok, if you follow me at all, you know I love to rant. I have tried to keep quiet for some time now but with places like this in Taipei, it is just too difficult. We were out and about in Taipei on Saturday, as we are want to do, and looking for an […]


One of the strangest things I am doing now is taking Japanese classes. Not because that in itself is strange, but because my teacher does not speak much English. This means I mostly use Chinese to communicate and ask questions (no-no #1 in learning an Asian language). It actually works out pretty well. I routinely […]

Coffee stains

Coffee stains Originally uploaded by beuk So I KNOW that it’s doing this to my teeth. I just don’t CARE! Isthat so wrong?

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

So, see if you can follow this one. Forgetting all about my whirlwind trip through Chicago yesterday I had a whirlwind day! I went from Shanghai to Hong Kong to Taipei to see my house for the first time with our things in it. B has done a great job getting it set and everything […]