Thank you God for teaching me how to line up!!

Three years in Asia and I have reached a breakthrough! I have finally discovered why people can not leave an airplane in an orderly manner. The Problem:The plane has just landed. The seat belt sign goes *ding* and everyone that paid extra for their aisle seat (sic) **POPS** up out of their seat and instantly […]

Church Parties

In case you were considering becoming a Christian, I wanted to share with you some of the hair raising good times to be had at a church party :) See all of the pictures here.

Let me be the first to review

Well, it seems everyone is off in either Vietnam, Thailand, or Guilin OR they are too busy to have dinner with me, so at my wife’s suggestion I went to XinTianDi. I am glad I did as I was able to score a ticket to Spiderman 3 (That is what it says next to the […]