What NOT to get your child for Christmas

Not sure if you can read this or not but it is an article about how a Chinese publisher “could not find” the German version of Grimm’s fairytales and so they used a Japanese version. Turns out it was a pornographic version with Snow White sleeping with her father and the dwarves (is that an […]

5 Brothers book review

We have it.  We thought a nice Chinese story would be great for Baby G.  Wrong. It is a story about 5 identical “CHINESE” brothers with extraordinary gifts such as: 1.  Can swallow the sea 2.  Iron neck 3.  Long Legs 4.  Can’t Burn 5.  Can’t Suffocate The first brother “gets into trouble” when he […]

What do YOU see?

Before you think I have gone all perverted, stop. These are actual mascots of events. From top right clockwise: * 1996 Atlanta Olympic mascot “Izzy” * 2008 Spain World Expo * 2010 Shanghai World Expo * 2009 Hong Kong East Asian Games Having lived through and participated in the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta I heard […]

China’s Soccer woes begin with the press!

Maybe if the news actually cared a little bit more about the write-up on soccer teams in China, then the people would care more about soccer. It is hard to have an article that states how poor Chinese soccer is and that they should schedule matches at better times and encourage children participation when glaring […]

Taiwan flag overload

Taiwan flag overload Originally uploaded by beuk China celebrates 60 yr. of Communist rule and the next week Taiwan uslittered with flags. Hmmm…


Watermelon Originally uploaded by beuk South China, South Georgia it doesn’t matter. This kid loveswatermelon. She polished off three slices after her SECOND dinner!