Not all those who wander are lost

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Way to go Blackhawks

Way to go Hawks. You gave me a heart attack with 10 seconds in the 3rd, but good on ya for the guts to pull it out. Can’t wait to take my daughter to her 2nd Stanley Cup parade in Chicago!!!

Why I am crazy. Reason #32

Up at 5:30am every day (well, the wife is at least), out the door by 7:30 having completed 6 meals, 8 potties, and 2 baths. Homework packed, violin in car, shoes on 50% of the kids and what do I see when I back out trying to make the exactly 28 minute journey to school …

How do you transport a family of four?

Hand me down pink helmets and bicycles (tri-cycles?) built for two. This is how we rode to the Lincoln Park Fest this past weekend. G and B ride the tandem while the boys are on the mountain bike and baby seat. All in all not too shabby. I am convinced that G and B on …

US kicking butt on their backs

My phone scared the crap out of me when it alerted me to 2 golds and 1 silver for the US in 100m backstroke! I’m using to get updates pushed to my phone and it’s awesome. Even better for Chicagoland: Matt Grevers, a Lake Forest native and Northwestern graduate, won the gold medal Monday …