Weekend Highs and Lows

Highs: Tech beats NC State Baby G plays soccer G runs real fast in the Leprechaun Leap Facepainting!! Birthday dinner with cousins and sis Lows: Tech loses to Duke Kicker the 6ft bunny scares the crap outta my kid.

Oh Yeah? How many can YOU say?

—A few weeks ago, B went to France and I had G all to myself for 10 days! The result was we could do what we wanted when we wanted with no schedule and it was great! During that time I discovered that G had finally figured out there is a difference between Chinese and […]

Rainy day chasing bunnies in the carport

Coming back from breakfast we found the crazy lady walking her bunny. I say crazy because she thinks walking our dog is strange and a lil kid shouldn’t chase rabbits. “Bunnies are very nervous.” Really? Bunnies are very skittish creatures that will bolt when a 1 year old comes running after them? I did not […]

Cold doesn’t give you a cold.

Dear People of Taiwan,Please learn a lesson that everyone else on the planet (well, in the cold places anyway) seemed to have learned in the 5th grade. ~Being outside in the cold does not give you a cold!~ The picture above was taken in Taipei and is from this article. Based on what I see […]

not for bunnies

not for bunnies, originally uploaded by beuk. The shampoo says bunny cant use it. Sorry g.