#1 – Dearth

dearth   /dərTH/ Noun A scarcity or lack of something: “there is a dearth of evidence”. Synonyms scarcity – shortage – lack – want – deficiency – famine Last night I was writing some Facebook posts about my favorite football team, Chelsea. I was looking to use the word “dearth”. I knew it in my head, […]

Good Morning

Hope your morning view is as nice as this. Temp in the mid-20s and sunny. So nice. Today is girls day on the slopes and boys day in front of the football games.

Last day of Ballet

Today was Gioia’s open house class where parents could sit in. So fun. The story was of course Cinderella.

To the lady behind me, I’m sorry.

I was flying high, figuratively and literally. I had just come off a wonderful weekend of delicious smells, shopping,  and Nutcracker sightings with my wife and daughter and I was feeling great. On top of that, I had also just returned from Hong Kong, Melbourne, and Minneapolis so my many miles finally allowed me to […]

Sing: Free-ballin’ I’m free-ballin…

Pic of my knee all wrapped up and laying on the couch. Careful ladies, I’m not wearing any underwear and not sure when I get to put it on again. Took a lot of pain meds and a very patient wife to go from noon checkin yesterday to discharge and bringing me home around 10:30pm. […]