Not all those who wander are lost

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To the lady behind me, I’m sorry.

I was flying high, figuratively and literally. I had just come off a wonderful weekend of delicious smells, shopping,  and Nutcracker sightings with my wife and daughter and I was feeling great. On top of that, I had also just returned from Hong Kong, Melbourne, and Minneapolis so my many miles finally allowed me to …

Go Cubbies!

Ticket to watch the Cubbies beat the Dodgers: $55 Pink baseball hat even though Mom & Dad wanted a different color: $20 Hotdog: $5 3rd Birthday & First trip to Wrigley with my daughter: PRICELESS

Ritz Commercial – Drives me insane!

  Does anyone else have a problem with the fact that there are nothing but errors in the Ritz commercial? The biggest being that not only does the bass drum player not have a mallet in his hand (which I could accept), but also does not have another one anywhere nearby! Other issues are: An …