Singapore Airlines – How I love you

I cannot say enough good things about Singapore Airlines (SA). As someone who travels internationally and domestically every month of the year and who owns a passport that looks like a well-loved teddy bear headed off to college, I have seen my fair share of airlines. My recent meetings in Sydney with major retailers and […]

To the lady behind me, I’m sorry.

I was flying high, figuratively and literally. I had just come off a wonderful weekend of delicious smells, shopping,  and Nutcracker sightings with my wife and daughter and I was feeling great. On top of that, I had also just returned from Hong Kong, Melbourne, and Minneapolis so my many miles finally allowed me to […]

Boarding efficiency.

Clearly I travel a lot. Planes all the time and a wife who needs a camera for Christmas so she can remember what I look like. What gets me (today) is the way airlines in 50 years of aviation history have not figured out how to board planes. Let me help you with my years […]

Delta + Northwest = South’s Worst!

RANT WARNING ~LEVEL 4!~ You may have read my recent Delta rant. I left off another side story I thought I should share. We recently booked a trip using Skymiles. We only had so many in my Delta account and so many in B’s NWA account so we had to split the bookings. It came […]

Delta you Disappoint

WARNING WARNING – This post is extremely ranty! Delta, Delta, Delta… What are we gonna do with you? Let me first say that this is the nicest most non-ranting title I could come up with for this post. Some people have asked why I have not been blogging lately? The reason is my Momma. My […]

Eat less shark

You know, I am all about saving the environment, but there are some industries that shouldn’t try to crash the party. Fly greener? You still are flying a jumbo jet of burning fuel even if the crappy food is served on recycled cardboard. This, to me, is like saying eat less shark.