Ohh Comcast, how you drive me crazy, let me count the ways.

Approximately 8 months ago I called Comcast to upgrade my service. My BIL has given me a lot of grief about not having “actual cable”, and as such I requested to upgrade my basic television service to HD. However, that day the *service was down*. I am not sure why I am trusting my home service to a company that can’t keep their own service running, but I tried to upgrade anyway. My very nice support technician assured me that she would “write my request down” on “paper” and when the system was back, she would upgrade me. Eight months later I am still waiting.

Fast forward to this week, where I am moments away from upgrading my internet speed (I have given up on the TV side). We get good speed in the house, but faster is always better, right? I am even considering the $89/mo. plan up from my $49/mo. plan. I leave the flyer out on the kitchen counter ready to make the call when I get home from work. I hop on my bike for my daily ride to work and I am only 3 blocks away from the office when **WHAM**. I am clipped on the left shoulder and driven out of my bike lane by a Comcast truck turning right and not noticing me riding along in my bright red jacket, overly bright knog lights , or even my super green bike in the morning sun. I wasn’t knocked from the saddle, but it did get my heart rate up and of course, my mind closed down yet again to the Comcast brand. Sign from God? Maybe.

It is interesting how much companies have to work to protect their brand, and when they place it everywhere, how easily brand erosion could occur. Maybe I will have forgotten these stories in the next 8 months and give them another try.