Up at 5:30am every day (well, the wife is at least), out the door by 7:30 having completed 6 meals, 8 potties, and 2 baths. Homework packed, violin in car, shoes on 50% of the kids and what do I see when I back out trying to make the exactly 28 minute journey to school that cannot be interrupted by a missing lunch box or poppie diaper? Construction.
What fiscal cliff? Chicago is redoing three streets within a block of my house, 2 houses, and I’m going as nutty as a partridge in a pear tree! I can’t get in or out of my own house with all this construction and it is getting worse not better. I know asking for inter departmental coordination is WAY too much, but come on. It is very hard to believe in hard times when the renovated $1.8M house behind us gets a new fence AND a new sewer system. Little do the new owners know, they still will have to put up with us as neighbors. :)