The verdict is in and the result is: Yuck.

For as good as we thought Pork and Apples would be it just did not work.  I even tried some of the life saving tips that were mentioned in the comments:

DON’T cook for 7-9 hours, I did 6.
ADD brown sugar at each layer, done.

It still did not help.  The pork chops were dryer than a dinosaur bone with eczema.  The first bite was disgusting and I spat it out.  Because we drained everything off in the first place it was incredibly dry.  Sahara desert dry.  The meal reminded me of why I hate crockpots and had me thinking of changing the site back to

So, with a kiddo staring at you starving on the other side of the table what is a dad to do?  Mix it with macaroni?  We can’t just throw it out.  How about ranch dressing? Wait a minute, what’s this?

Sweet Baby Ray’s sauce to the rescue!!!  A lil dab of this sauce on the dried pork managed to give it a very tender flavor with just a tease of heat.  Not too spicy for the 4 year old and definitely salvaged a meal that had one foot in the trash compactor.  I don’t know where we got it.  We tend to shop at 5 different marts (PeaPod, Trader Joes, Costco, Jewel Osco and Whole Foods), so it could have come from anyone, but I’m glad it was there when I needed it.  Next time you crock pork make sure you have SBR on hand and break seal in case of emergencies.