Three Ingredient Crockpot Chicken Tacos

Yummy mummy provides our dinner tonight with three ingredient crockpot chicken tacos.

…she brings home ALL the bacon and is still expected to cook it!

Mummy’s got some great images on her site, but based on my rant about looks I would argue that even this does not look good:


That said, I do think mummy and I are on the same page with comments like

the hardest part is opening the jar.

Mine was not near as glamorous looking, but one chopped tomato and a scoop of sour cream later and kiddo and I had dinner.  We even used chicken wings instead of breasts because that was all we had.  A few more bones and a bit more skin, but it made me feel like I actually worked for my supper.

DUMP 1 can of salsa (or in my case, use a leftover from the fridge)

TOSS in chicken (breasts, wings, live, your choice)

DUST with the taco seasoning packet

That’s it!  If you can’t handle this, sell your kitchen knives now.  I “cooked” (sic) for 6 hours not 8, because, youu know, why do in 8 what you can do in 6.  You be the judge.