Betty Crocker does the Crock good

After I scraped all of the oatmeal off the pot we quickly moved on to a chili.  Tuesday nights are soccer nights and some games start early.  As a result, we need something to be ready to spoon out and not be too heavy on the stomach when running 60 minutes later.  Enter Betty Crocker’s Three-Bean Chili.


In keeping with CPN’s very lazy attitude towards “cooking”(sic), we have a very simple three step procedure:

DUMP everything except stuff that has tomatoes in it
COOK a very, very long time 
TOSS your tomato stuff in and go 

I must admit it was pretty good.  After the first bite I kept eating and did not even realize that I hadn’t added cheese or sour cream until it was all gone.  Another trick that we did was to pre-prep the garbanzo beans in the crockpot the night before as we bought dried and not canned, so we had to make our own canned version. No biggie, just a bit more planning.

Add this one to the win column.