So,YouTube has a few strange policies that are affecting me a bit. If you haven’t seen my famous Tiger video you need to check it out. Now, for the record, all I did was take the video. I have NOTHING to do with the comment section which is out of hand underneath. There is everything from the stupid to the crass. My biggest complaint is when people cannot figure out how to comment correctly and end up emailing me directly. Besides that it is quite an interesting read.

Now I say “famous”, but don’t take my word for it. YouTube constantly updates stats. I have even made the #1 most viewed video on a given day. Here are the latest stats.

I was also featured on the BBC. There is even a Korean blog site that has provided over 300,000 clicks! Now with all the depravity that occurs around this video, you would think that it would come down, right? Nope.

So, what does post that gets blocked? Why pictures of his baby daughter shaving her legs in the tub like Mommy. Most of my videos have ~200 views. Usually, my dad one time, Jack one time, and me 198 times, BUT the two videos of G in the tub jumped to 4000+ views before YouTube took it down. I get it. It hit some sick depraved website and all of a sudden a lot of sickos posting crazy comments caused the YouTube police to take notice (still talking about the baby here, not the tigers) The reason?

Rejected (content inappropriate)

Let me see if I get this right. Babies in tub=BAD, Tigers eating cow=GOOD. Sort of a sad commentary on today’s society, don’t you think?