Cold doesn’t give you a cold.

Dear People of Taiwan,
Please learn a lesson that everyone else on the planet (well, in the cold places anyway) seemed to have learned in the 5th grade. ~Being outside in the cold does not give you a cold!~

The picture above was taken in Taipei and is from this article. Based on what I see on the street this lady was UNDER dressed. The interesting fact about this picture is it was taken yesterday! Meaning two days ~before~ the supposed “cold snap” when it was like 20 degrees outside (68F). For the record I went to workout in my shorts and t-shirt. My question is: if that is what they wear when it is hot what will they wear this weekend? I will admit that 10C planned for this weekend is a bit on the cold side, but coming from Chi-town where any double digit (F) day is a “good day,” Taipei is nothing. The mask also gets me. I can understand the scarf (I mean if we were in NY or something), but the mask? for the cold? How does that work?

As far as I am concerned, I have told the guard downstairs who berates me each time I go out without a jacket, “Call me when it is 0”.

The biggest disappointment is how so many people still believe (and tell me 1000 times) that you will get sick if it is too cold outside (and so will my wife, my baby, the dog, and I even think someone mentioned the toy bunny). So, to rehash what the rest of the free world knows, please do 1 Google search and read this.

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