This post is B-rated

Miss G is learning to speak. We started with the letter “B” and are up to, well… “B”.

To give you an idea, there is ball, bubbles, bye bye, bow, ba ba (daddy in Chinese), and poo poo (ok, so it is not a B, but useful :). The great thing is that she actually uses all these B-words correctly. Da da or ba ba is said when I am around, bow for when she has a bow in her hair, and bye bye is used when someone leaves. The most used phrase is “ball” and she points out every ball that she sees even if mommy or daddy missed it. I wore my World Cup shirt the other day. What was on it? You guessed it, a ball! The trouble is she LISTENS to everything you say, so even if you mention something that uses the sound “ball” she will repeat it for you to let you know she is paying attention.

Given Miss G’s penchant for saying ball, we came up with a few of Miss G’s favorite things. Enjoy:

Q: What is Gioia’s favorite country?
A: Ball-ivia

Q: What is Gioia’s favorite food?
A: Ball-ogne

Q: Who is Gioia’s favorite football player?
A: Michael Ballack

Q: Who is Gioia’s favorite singer?
A: Michael Ball-ton

Q: Favorite Disney character?
A: Ball-oo

(… seriously, I could do this all night… Can you make one?)


  1. What happens when Gioia gets a rash on her face? Mommy and Daddy go ball – istic

    What does Daddy want to be when he grows up? Be a ball – erina!

    Ha ha, this is a fun game.

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