What Olympics?

I received several emails today stating how great it must be to be
able to watch the Olympics in real time, to which my reply is, "What

I gotta tell you it is not as great as you would think. First off
there are no channels in TAIWAN that are only showing the games.
Compare this to the US where every happy meal has the schedule written
on it. There are 2 channels, that at random times, without a schedule
and without warning, may or may not show an event. If Taipei is
competing the chances go up, but not much. This means if you thought
I would have been able to watch the biggest basketball game ever live
on Sunday night, you would be wrong. Instead I went to bed early not
wanting to watch some doe eyed floosy trollop around on a game show
where my Olympics should be.

Taiwan is basically not even aware there are Olympics happening. To
add to the confusion, their 3.5 member team is called China-Taipei!
What?? Why Taipei? Why not China-Tainan or some other CITY?
Independence starts with education. By taking one of the world's
largest stages and misrepresenting yourself, you cannot be upset when
in the future people do not even know who you are much less where you

Taiwan did finally show the basketball game. The next day. At 2:00 in
the afternoon. On a Monday… AFTER I knew the score. Thanks for
nothing. Guess I will have to wait for the next Olympics.

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