Miss G is starting to walk

I guess we would have to conclude that this is walking. People ask us every day if she is walking yet and we always answer, “No.” We seem to have much higher standards for her ability to walk. Besides pulling yourself up and starting on your own, the biggest requirement for us is not falling down! That mostly comes from living in a house with sharp glass edges and marble floors. An airport with lots of carpet and a hotel suite have definitely helped give us some peace of mind during walking practice. You will see here in the earlier, much longer, video that we were not quite there, but she keeps trying.

It was a bit distressing that the lil 15 month old in the video who has been walking since 10 months was running all over the place, when Miss G just started yesterday. I say distressing meaning, of course I am comparing the two, which I know I shouldn’t do. Yeah, that lasted up until G explained how if you are not “gentle” you will hurt your “nose” and not have “doggie” when you “walk” in sign language, English, and Chinese. (So, proud!) I even got called out by another parent who asked me, “how old is she?” To which G proudly holds up one finger. “So, clever” was the response. Yes, she is. Waking is overrated anyway :)

p.s. The doggie is a good trick. We get her to “hug doggie” or “hold your shirt” to improve her balance and keep her arms in. Otherwise she has zombie arms and is off balance. Many thanks to the nanny for teaching her that one.

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