Lan Kwai Fong and who???

My last trip to Hong Kong I had the pleasure of staying this great boutique hotel called Lan Kwai Fong. It was blocks away from our office there. When I arrived they were shooting a movie outside. The staff was excellent and friendly. Overall a wonderful time. Now the reviews online say the rooms are small. That is no lie! They are quite tiny. Especially for space loving Americans, but they are quite nice with modern touches and great colors. Mirrors were hidden away. The TV was a good size. The shower was a fun dark blue tile and they used slivers of soap rather than waste a bar for my one night stay. The best part? The Sales Managers name: “Money Ho”. I saw it on her name placard at breakfast. I saw it on her business card. Ho is the Cantonese pronunciation of He from Mandarin. Money is an acceptable English name to choose. The only problem? Putting the two together. I claim that she does not get the joke and does not understand what her name sounds like (good thing she is “sales”). My Chinese teacher says otherwise. I am writing a blog post about her and her hotel after all? What is in a name… :)

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