Someone beat me to it

(Stoopid Blogger is broken and will not let me post the darn picture!!! You will have to follow the link.)

Looks like someone beat me to it.

If you know me you have probably heard the story of how I managed to offend all of China in a single dinner by taking my new found Chinese language skills and mashing them with American humor. The spitting nails girl with daggers in her eyes sitting across the table was none to found of me making fun of her beloved cultural leader via the above reference.

“You wouldn’t take some silly object and name it after one of your beloved (sic) Presidents, would you?”

“Uhh, hello!! Ever heard of a Teddy bear?”

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  1. So I am thinking the Gioia cam is not a big secret thing since you mention it in several places on the blog – however when I try and go to it, I just get the co. website or something and then when I click help it prompts me to log in. Help?!

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