Oh no you didn’t!

What do you get the kid that has everything for her first birthday? Why a trip to the doctor’s office of course. Since Grandma and Grandpa were here we took the liberty of scheduling dentist appointments for ourself and 1 year visits for MissG (hey! free babysitters). There was some interesting literature to be found, but the strangest thing to me was when the doctor wrote down that lil MissG was “unremarkable”. What? I know you didn’t just call my baby unremarkable. I think she is quite remarkable and fantastic and lovely and a million more things. Plus when you gave her that giant shot, she made some fine remarks in the form of banshee wails.

Truth be told unremarkable is great. Meaning there was nothing important to note and that she is just fine. Including her weight, where she gained just .7Kg in 3 months prompting the doctor to ask us what diet we have her on (none) and tell us she is now average for her age (them’s fightin’ words…).

Average, unremarkable? Don’t listen to him G. I think you are awesome!

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  1. I need to teach you some Dr. lingo. If she goes in with a cold and labels her an S.O.B. she is short of breath, not what you think. If you freak out about something little and he labels her diagnosis a N.A.D.T. that means what was wrong with her was Not a Damn thing. Just some medical humor.

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