Blog? I have a blog? We heard the same quote from one of our friends about their dog when they got a kid. I haven’t posted in a long while because Gioia keeps us pretty busy. When I finally do get a moment to rest, there are dishes to wash, clothes to fold, and Rebecca’s cold dead fingers to pry the computer away from. Seriously, she is ALWAYS BLOGGING. It is endemic. She has even started taking over my cellphone. (I think I have to burn it now).

Anyway, here are a few updates:
I posted my sister’s movies from her trip here. You can see them at or on the links on the left.

My favorite is above. She learns something new everyday. She has even learned to not play this game at dinner time as it is too easy for mommy and daddy to shove food in.

We had a good time with Aunt Lisa. Gioia took the opportunity to explain the difference between GouGou (doggie) and GuGu (Aunt).

And finally, we got the question this week if we are going to raise our kid in Western or Eastern culture. My answer was very diplomatic. Note the question was not will you teach her Chinese and English, but one about culture. I stated that we will teach her English and Chinese. Just like this token Westerner…

no, no, just kidding. We will use inner ear headphones for better comfort :) Truth is we do not even profess to know anything about Eastern culture or values (ok we know a bit…), but I didn’t want to be some arrogant American thinking I know all about China. We will raise her to continue to be the same sweet kiddo that she is today. If you want to make sure we are doing a good job, check out MissG’s very own webcam here.*

* You need to use IE to see the live video stream.