OMG its plastic!

So, I guess once you have a kiddo there is not much else to talk about, but what the kid does. We just got G a plastic lil car dashboard. I say just got, because we had to wait and make sure Mom approved. It is after all plastic which is a big taboo in this house. Normally, if it wasn’t made from some ancient cedar found high in the Himalaya’s carried for twenty-two miles on the backs of migrant workers, then it is no good. In this case, the kid wins. G loved this toy when we walked by it in the store. You can tell it is a little over whelming for her. You can also hear that it is in Chinese. Don’t worry. There is an English switch at the top :)

Next week I go to India and then the US. Hopefully, I come up with some other kinds of stories.

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  1. Um maybe you and David should form a club. I would like all C and L’s toys to be from Moolka or Oompha toys and decidedly not from China – though I will admit we had plenty of plastic Chinese crap while living in China – cause that is all there is!

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