To say there was some turbulence today as we started our journey towards Gioia would be an understatement. As B likes to say, “We were off like a herd of turtles.”

The Good
I arrived in Chong Qing
The baby stuff (crib, seat, etc.. ) is all fine
The hotel is great and a great room for us
I became a Bishop in the House of Zombie!

The Bad
Rebecca is still in Taiwan waiting on the package that did not come, yet.
Snow diverted my flight to Cheng Du
…where I waited for 6 hours on the plane.
I am definitely back in China complete with spitting, pushing, removing of shoes on airplanes, and halitosis

The Ugly
My cell phone dies and will not reboot after I shut it off for the plane ride
The package did not arrive. Rebecca will be busting some airline heads at 7am tomorrow making them scour the plane and find it.
It is butt ass cold here at 1C.

Tomorrow is another day!