Our Referral – Finally!

From MissGioia.com

Rejoice! After flying 20+ hours to get home to Taipei, I found the most amazing package at our door. Our 13 months of waiting has finally ended: the referral has arrived. Little Fu Le Xin is seven months old and is waiting at the Fuling Social Welfare Institute in Chongqing. At four months (in September), she weighed 6.5 kg and had FAT CHUBBY CHEEKS!!! Apparently, she is fond of listening to music and playing with toys.

Hopefully we will be able to travel to get her very soon. Happy New Year baby girl! We are coming as soon as we can.


  1. Congrats! And as we say in Texas: “A big Howdy Hi to the new Beuk… she’s BEAUtiful!” We can’t wait for her to be home with y’all!

    AustinPanda (aka RCC)

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