Losing it in the Denver Airport

Just to prove that multiple degrees do not make you smart, the day after I graduated in Los Angeles, we missed out flight in LAX. I don’t know who thought we could show up for a 6:30am flight at 5:30am at LAX during Christmas rush. It must have been Rebecca… :) Just kidding. She actually woke up at 3am and said let’s go. I said, “Go back to sleep!”

Well, we paid for it for the next 28 hours as we were then 15 minutes off from everything. We barely missed our connection in Denver, but had to wait all day in the airport only to be miss standby by one person (ie. one of us could go, but not both.) With no clothes or suitcases we spent the night in a Hyatt Place (this turned out to be a good thing) and went back to the airport the next day. By this time United had had enough of us an shuffled us off onto Frontier. Thank you, because if it were not for Frontier we were going to lose it thinking we would not get to Nashville this year. I even think we started to hallucinate. We saw things like everyone carrying small dogs, French people dancing with accordions and white berets, and restaurants actually encouraging smoking!

Long story short that night in the Hyatt got us to Diamond status for the year, so thankfully we will be enjoying the club level in Hawaii. Ahhh Denver, we never knew ye.

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