Now this is a commercial. Simple, elegant, effective and ending with a great url!

This is not. TV commercials in the U.S. have not improved in my absence. In fact, it seems if you make a drug for obscure medical cases then you have to be advertising on television. When did this become okay? I am not sure I like thinking about all the issues people have when I am just trying to catch a lil Oprah. And people do have them. Remember this post? When I put this up the 1 comment I got was from a real person actually concerned about this. Who knew? My only question is: Why do we have primary care physicians if I can get all my answers in between Friends and Everybody Loves Raymond?

The most interesting part? Pedigree’s website is down. is down. You would think that if you spend that much on a TV spot you would make sure people can get to your site… You can bet the others did!