I don’t know what it is, but I love online maps! The latest is the My Trip Advisor found in Facebook. I found it in Facebook and thought it was quite easy to setup so I wanted to share it with the world. Of course, at the time, there was no way to merge what was in Facebook with the real website the app came from. In effect, you had to setup two maps. Lame… Until today!

I checked today and found that they have a merge feature. Now my changes in one affect the other and that was what I was looking for. The map is quite fun because you can very easily add any cities that you have visited. When you sit down and start to think about it, it is hard to think of every city you have ever been to.

Regarding Facebook I must admit I still fail to see the point. I love the connections I have with my friends on there, but I would talk to them regardless of Facebook, so I am not sure what I am gaining there. The “wall” is the most confusing. Why are we writing on a wall? Is Facebook promoting graffiti? Why not just send me an email? Am I obligated to write back? And what is up with all the lil add-on apps? I do like the map one, but do I really need to be sorted into my rightful house at Hogwarts? (Ravenclaw by the way) I still am trying to figure out the point of all this wasted time. I mean, I could just watch cheesy 90’s shows on TV if I was that bored.

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