Bei Si Tui Le

Which means… You’re fired!

I just fired my third person in two months since I have been in Beijing. AND it was in Chinese. Apparently, you do not want to be my friend. Two were at work for work related issues, but the third was our driver for a year in Beijing. He could not always make appointments and was late a lot. We sat him down and told him that if you are going to be late by more than five minutes you need to call and let us know. This never happened. Maybe he did not want to work here as I recently found out one of the guys at work was unhappy and just did not perform so that I would HAVE to fire him instead of telling me, What is with people?

Today was the last straw as stressed Rebecca started her weekly travel at 5:30am and became late for her flight. So, I chose to use the words Bei Si Tui Le instead of Bei Chao You Yu (You have been a fried octopus). I don’t know why they say you are a fried octopus when they want to tell you that you are fired. Maybe it is for the same reason “fired” and “fried” are so close in English??

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  1. So how are you and Rebecca going to get anywhere? If there is anything you have to do in KL – let me know so we can check it out and figure out how to get you there.

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