In Camelot, it only rains at night

I recently read that it only rains at night in Camelot. This is suggesting that the days are just the most beautiful that they can be. If that is the case, what is happening in Beijing?

This morning when I woke up and went outside I was surprised to find a dead bee on the ground. I say surprised, because I didn’t think China had bees (J.K.). Then I looked again and I found a dead dragonfly, then another, then more insects. I listened and I heard nothing. I strained to hear the cry of the crickets or some hissing in the air, but there was none. It was if overnight all the insects were instantly killed and fell to the ground in mid flight. You can see from the picture above that their wings are still expanded and not pressed against the body and they are not struck or damaged. Now, this being China and having some experience living here, I am sure that they just sprayed for bugs in the neighborhood overnight. However, I don’t seem to remember “spraying for bugs” meaning kill all small air-breathing arthropods.

As I think on the mini-genocide that has happened in my neighborhood, I take my usual bike ride to work to see the other side of China. The road I ride on is long and straight with only trees on either side. There are many other Chinese that also bike on the road and they are as ingenious as ever. In true Chinese way if there is not a grocery store between your house and the office then you just grow one. The Chinese have planted along the road and in the forests various vegetables. I have seen cabbages, tomatoes (fruit), radishes, onions, etc… All not there more than a month ago and all there now. The crazy part is just like with any store in China, if your neighbor put one up, so should you. So, there are now tons of people planting vegetables all down the road. I am not sure how they guarantee that no one else steals their work and I am sure it is not a help yourself policy, but it all seems quite civilized.

So, in one day you can see nature destroyed and nature created without worry about permits or zoning. It ain’t Camelot, this is China.

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