My Chinese is better than Christina’s

Tuesday night I went to the Christina Aguilera concert in Shanghai
(yes, for real)! It was awesome. On top of that me and my friend
Frank were basically right up front. The whole experience was
surprisingly easy. There were less ticket checks than at the airport
and everyone was quite civilized. Not a U.S. concert by any means.
Even her singing seemed to easy. Even while dancing and having
wardrobe problems she STILL sang effortlessly. What an amazing voice
(yes, the short shorts don't hurt either).

Christina did great. We were close enough to see the dancers spray
sweat all over the place when they danced. Probably the most awkward
part is when Christina tried to say something in Chinese. The whole
place was loud, people were cheering then she read a cue card and the
whole place went, "what?" Nobody understood her the first time. Then
at the end she said, "Wo ai ni Shanghai!" (I love you, Shanghai). We
got that one… I can't sing, but my Chinese is better than hers :)


  1. Hey Chris,
    Stumbled across your blog today. I wasn’t sure if it was you until I watched the video of you guys playing fetch with your dog. I heard you laugh and then I knew! Ah, I would recognize that giggle anywhere. I can’t believe you are in China! I hope you and Rebecca are doing well! See ya,

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