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Since, I have been taking this online photo class by Amber Ludlow, I have started looking at things in different ways. I am not saying that I have become that much better of a photographer, but I have come to the point where I am willing to beat my wife over the head in order to get at the camera and take the shot before she sees it. I thought I would share with you some photos from one day out last week. It is hard to come up with new exciting shots every time, but here we go:

If you thought crossing the street was hard in the U.S. check this lady out. In China, there are basically very few rules governing traffic. Might makes right, and if your car is bigger you win. This lady finally managed to get across, but only after several cars buzzed around her in all directions like a bee keeper near a hive. Note: no sidewalk, no crosswalk, no light, no stop signs. (Not that it would have mattered)

The next stop was to the Ehtical goods market, er… Ethical,…Ethnic. Yeah, I don’t know what they mean either because inside they sell the kind of stuff that is still left over at the end of a garage sale.

This boy was my ice cream buddy. I had a lovely lunch for a total of 3RMB (40 cents). My coke also cost 3 RMB. I had such a a good time that I offered to buy two big beers for the family that made me lunch (I say family because they live in their noodle store). I asked how much was a BIG bottle of beer. 1.5 rmb! I bought two, even though they were reluctant to take my gift. Total cost of lunch: 9 RMB. I now walk 50 yards to two ladies with two children hanging around a box covered by a movers blanket. Yes, when you want to buy an ice cream, you look for the moving blankets because they are covering the ice cream containers. The answer to how much for one was 8 RMB! Are you kidding me? A whole dollar? No way, when my entire lunch was equal to that. I then spoke to her in Chinese to say that I know you are cheating me and you know you are cheating me, so how about letting me take some pictures of your children. In the end it was a win-win for all of us. The boy above has some great black eyes. Really looking into the camera. His friend to the right was a bit more shy.

Last, but not least, some fake Xi’an soldiers being sent to the U.S. The new owners will be glad to know that great care was taken in packing them. I still need to fin a picture of one of the three wheeled trucks over flowing with bricks. It is so common I often forget that it is such an unusual sight.

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