To Punc of Not To Punc…

I must admit living in Asia gives you many chances to consider doing things the “Asian” way (note: I did not use Oriental :) Take acupuncture for example. Its claims to cure all that ails you from being grumpy to losing weight. However, just when I think I have decided to try it (if for nothing else than to be less grumpy) I get an article like this one found in Beijing Today:

“Press the sibai and chengqi points and then gently rub them for three minutes. You will find your face getting smoother and whiter, while also helping to reduce acne.”

Whiter? You have got to be kidding me. So, you mean to say, that by pressing some point on my face I will get whiter? This must be what Michael Jackson does 24/7. Where is the spot that makes me look darker or at least a whiter shade of pale?

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